SilCor® CrN - The silvery shining coating

According to different criteria it seems as if coatings of chromium and its modifications (CrN and multi-layers) are inferior in quality to DLC films. This is not correct in general. Hard coatings of chromium and chromium nitride are at different points of view a good alternative to DLC coatings:
  • •  There is, e. g. in medical technology and pharmacy, the explicit need for a film appearing metallic silver.
  • •  Due to lacking support of the base material (low hardness), the film thickness must exceed 3 µm.
  • •  The component coated has to withstand temperatures above 400 degree Celsius.
  • •  There is strong abrasion of the coating due to particles (e. g., glassy powder).
  • •  The coating is operated in a strongly oxidising environment.
  • •  The coating must show a high reflectance.
  • •  There is the need for a coating being free of mechanical stress.

All these requirements are fulfilled by the SilCor® CrN PVD hard coating. Their outstanding characteristics help in particular tools to excellent performance characteristics. Chromium nitride films are successfully applied to forming tools, in plastics processing industry and the pharmaceutical industry with the production of tablets (compacting tools). The chromium nitride layer of decorative silver appearance reduces friction, wear and corrosion. It consists of several layers with variable nitrogen content. Depending upon choice of the parameters during the coating process so metallic with ceramic characteristics can be combined. In the result - according to the specific application - special characteristic of the entire coating system are realized. The resulting thin film is referred to as "Multilayer coating" characterized and found increasing entrance into the hard material coating technology.

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