DLC - Thin Films for Novel Solutions

Thin films of diamond-like carbon (DLC) are deposited in vacuum-vessels with a typical thickness of 2 micrometers. Simply spoken, DLC consists of intermediate phases of nanometer-size clusters of diamond and graphite. Its unique properties enable engineers and designers to resolve a variety of problems:

  • As a consequence of friction and wear, the lifetime of machine components is significantly reduced, what results in the failure, standstill and expansive repairs of devices or even whole production lines. DLC is a unique combination of a thin film hard material with a solid lubricant. It significantly reduces friction and wear, even in the case of an uncoated friction counterpart.

  • Highly corrosive media as acids, leaches or vapors can destroy even highly alloyed steel or - in extreme cases - glass. DLC is a reliable protection against these chemicals.

  • Light metals and especially aluminum result in the formation of adhesion layers on cutting and forming tools. The diamond-like carbon acts as an anti-sticking layer in this case.

  • For decorative purposes a shining black, persistent coating is needed to underline the high value and the noble appearance of the product. A polished surface coated with DLC is like a black mirror.