DLC - Applications 1

Drive Components | Bearing Technology
Primary task of the DLC coating is the reduction of friction and wear, whereby also the uncoated friction partners are protected. The layer becomes especially effective in the un-lubricated operation or during the lack of lubrication. The latter case may occur when elements are operated at high pressing pressures of some 10 MPa resulting in an incomplete oil film. The employment of diamond-like carbon SilCor® is also meaningful for operating components under vacuum conditions.
Guiding Devices | Transportation Devices
An additionally positive aspect of the DLC coating is here the corrosion protection of dry or in aggressive environment running systems: Unalloyed or low alloyed steel (often with a higher firmness and hardness) instead of stainless steel can be used without loss at value in use. The wear protection by diamond like carbon becomes straight with the processing of paper, pasteboard, cellulose or fleece evidently, where large quantities abrasive material often times to the replacement of the loaded components lead.
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Medical Technology | Pharmacy
Surgical instruments, which are coated with diamond like carbon, can be sterilized in the best way by heat, UV-radiation, acids and caustic solutions. The hydrophobe, smooth and dense DLC layer reduces the setting of germs. A clearly visible marking of the surgical instruments takes place via laser engravings.
Measuring Instrument | Inspection Devices
High-quality gauges are subject to a steady wear. The advantage of a coating with SilCor® DLC is the clearly improved life span, the deposition of an exactly defined layer thickness and the small temperature during the coating process, which guarantees the accuracy to size of the inspection devices. The visual inspection of the gauges for abrasion is straight - the vanishing layer indicates the falling below of the tolerance measure.