The Deposition of SilCor® DLC

The Deposition of SilCor® DLC is performed by means of a plasma-discharge in carbon-containing gases (so-called Plasma-CVD - please inform yurselfs in the left-hand menu). The process itself is a complete new technology developed by PT&B. This process results in a variety of superior features of this special DLC coating:
  • •  There is an excellent adhesion of the diamond-like carbon to all metals as: braze, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, high speed steel etc.. In addition, glass, ceramics and plastics can also be coated.
  • •  The deposition of DLC is performed at typical temperatures of 120 degree C, the minimum temperature is 50 degree C.
  • •  The technology developed by PT&B permits the coating of complex geometries, inner coatings of bore-holes and grooves. Within the standard process the coating of through bore-holes with an aspect ration of length-diameter ratio of 2 is possible.Inner coatings of bore-holes or tubes of a much higher aspect ratio are coated with special process parameters.
  • •  The coatings are - quite in contrast with known PVD coatings - completely smooth and dense (mainly pin-hole free). The self-roughness is about 10nm for films of 2µm.

Presently, the technology installed at PT&B permits homogenous coating of tools and machine parts of the following maximum dimensions by SilCor® DLC: 1150 mm length / 850 mm diameter / 300 kg weight (per 2011-08-25). (The scaling up of these dimensions on request by customers is possible.)