Business Segments

Job Coating Services

Hard Coatings
diamond-like carbon DLC • chromium nitride CrN • chromium oxide Cr2O3
aluminum nitride AlN • aluminum oxide Al2O3 • silicon carbide SiC
Tribological (Friction Reducing) Coatings
diamond-like carbon DLC and DLC:Si • silicon carbide SiC
Coatings for Corrosion Protection | Anti-Fretting Coatings
diamond-like carbon DLC • silicon carbide SiC • silicon oxide SiO2
chromium nitride CrN • chromium oxide Cr2O3
Hydrophobic Coatings | Anti-Adhesion Coatings | Anti-Fouling Coatings
fluorinated diamond-like carbon DLC:F • silicon carbide SiC
micro- and nanostructuring for superhydrophobic surfaces
Hydrophilic Coatings
silicon oxide SiO2 • chromium oxide Cr2O3 • plasma etching for achieving superhydrophilic surfaces
Optical Coatings
silicon oxide SiO2, aluminum oxide Al2O3 • metallic films for mirrors

Coating Equipment

Sputter Coater for Specific Coatings
• Sputter-PVD coater with magnetrons, plasma sources, recipes for computer controlled depositon
• Combined PVD/Plasma-CVD coater, equipped with magnetron- and plasma-sources, recipes
• Standard equipment is the STARON 80-100, modifications on request, (more ...)
Plasma-CVD Coater for Specific Coatings
• Plasma-CVD equipment with plasma sources, computer controlled depositon, recepies included
• Standard equipment is the STARON 100-120, modifications on request, (more ...)
Custom-made equipment and apparatuses
• Deposition equipment according to specific coatings needed, with sources and control engineering
• Equipment for plasma- and vacuum treatment including technology and control engineering (more ...)

Research and Development

Coatings and Coating Equipment
According to our clients demands, PT&B GmbH develops specific technologies and coatings