The Company

PT&B SILCOR GmbH was founded in 1998 by three physicists as a spin-off from the Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg. During their academic carriers at various German and US-universities, the founders had acquired extensive experience of different vacuum plasma coating technologies and the characterization of thin films. The business activity of PT&B is a unique mix of a research institute, a job-coater and equipment manufacturer. These are your possible co-operations with PT&B:
(I) The customer needs a coating, which is not available on the market, with the demanded characteristics for a new product:
PT&B carries out the necessary work for the development of this novel coating. Their physicochemical characteristics are investigated and the entire know-how is made available.
Customer use (I): Saving at capacities for R&D and accelerated product development.

(II) The customer needs a coating from the portfolio of the above coatings for his product:
PT&B offers job-coating services for the product. The product is sampled by the customer and released for series.
Customer use (II): Coatings of high quality with good cost-performance ratio.

(III) The customer needs the integration of coating technology into his production line:
PT&B supplies the asked coating equipment. The quality of the product is identical to the job-coating service.
Customer use (III): Self-sufficient production with high creation of value and short ways.

A particularly high customer use develops upon vertical arrangement of the services: PT&B GmbH takes over the entire work from the development of a coating to the supply and lasting support of the coating equipment.